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Chamonix MLK Weekend

  • 13 Jan 2023
  • 16 Jan 2023
  • Chamonix, France


  • Family Room with up to 4 participants
  • Half Double Room with 2 Adults
  • Sharing a Half Double and paying for just yourself. Please annotate who you are sharing a room with.
  • Single Room

Trip disabled because all bus seats are paid for! 

CHA-MON-IX 20-23

When: 13 – 16 January, 2023 *Bus departs Patch 1200 on 13 Jan*

Where: Chamonix, France

TC: Stephanie Hough

TC Email: stephanie.j.hough9@gmail.com

Price per person: 

  • Single € 500
  • 1/2 Double € 390
Children pricing is with 2 adults in room
  • Children 12-16 €290
  • Children 6-11 € 215
  • Children under 6 € 215

The trip includes the following:

  • PSC Bus Transportation to/from Patch Barracks

Picture this, It's MLK weekend and you just finished up a solid day of skiing. Your legs are tired and your belly is full of fondue and baguettes.  You are sipping on some fine wine and playing charades with your best friends.  Perhaps you are wearing a knitted sweater with reindeer on it, or maybe some snowflakes.  Perhaps it’s a turtleneck, or maybe it’s just a crew, either way you look great.  It's snowing outside and you guys are all sitting around a roaring fireplace.  You’re laughing because you had a great day… and the wine is hitting just right because it's freaking delicious.  Oh right I forgot to mention that you are completely surrounded by beautiful glaciers with some of the best snow in the world.  I’m once again going to mention that the wine is amazing.  Well if this sounds like heaven on earth to you, well I have great news.  This so-called heaven is just a small mountain town in the French Alps, that sits on the border of Switzerland and Italy.  Yeah I’m talking about Chamonix. 

We’re talking about the home of the 1924 winter Olympics. Which newsflash, that was the first winter Olympics….EVER. Yep you read that right, the first ever location for the first winter Olympic games was chosen to be in a small mountain village in France. So yes if you like history and the Olympics then Chamonix is a golden nugget of things to find. Another fun history fact for you history buffs, in 1821 the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix was established. If you know anything about mountain guiding then you know this was the first mountain guide company in the world. I’m sure that you are getting the point and have realized that Chamonix is essentially the birthplace of EXTREME! First Olympics? Check. First mountain guide company? Check. These French Mountain folks just know how to do mountain stuff right!

So if you are like me you have probably heard about Chamonix in passing or have read about it. I’m going to make an assumption here and assume that you most likely do not speak French. If you are anything like me you look at the word “Chamonix” with the same cross eyed look that I did when I first saw it. How do you pronounce an x a the end of a word? Anyways I have no shame and I did what any normal person does, I googled it. (Sha-mon-nee). Here is the link to a certified Frenchmen saying it too. There is no shame in making sure you pronounce it correctly. Don’t ask my advice on any other French words… I only know how to pronounce ski areas at this point, and I have googled them all!

Skiing in Chamonix gives you loads of options. Mainly you have the 4 main resorts Les Grand Montets, Brevent, La Flegere, Le Tour(Balme) and Les Houches. All of these resorts are easily accessible from our Hotel via using the FREE local bus system. Yes I did all caps on “Free” to emphasize my point. So with that being said, its going to be FYOW2L (find you own way to lifts) from the hotel.

Roughly 3K from access to Brevent/ Flegrere access (Click here for Piste map)
Roughly 5K from access to Les Houches Ski area (Piste map)

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